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Since its inception, the Pundra University of Science & Technology, Rangpur Road, Gokul, Bogra, Bangladesh, has its exclusive aspiration to ensure paramount eminence of education to the knowledgeable but financially deprived and not conversant peoples of Bangladesh specially the people of North Bengal. Research oriented activities and the excellence of its teaching methodology are the prime flagship of this noble educational institution.

From its inauguration, this university has been conducted by the motto “Learn for Life” which leads for an enduring commitment to the well-being of people through education to change their lifestyle for better humanity and to encompass searching for and testing new realities and disseminating knowledge, both existing and new, for the betterment of society. As a noble place of knowledge of brilliance, it is driven by a passion for excellence with the focus on global demand and trends of cosmic era. This is imperative in a world which is becoming increasingly borderless and extensively ramified irrespective of cuts and creeds.

As a prime place of knowledge, the Pundra University of Science & Technology seems “Education”-

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