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Pundra Institute of Languages (PIL)

Establishment and Function
In the fast changing global system today, skills in modern languages have emerged as the major means of empowerment and human resource development. Therefore, it is necessary to attain adequate command and competence over modern languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German and others to fit our younger generations into the modern global system. With this end in view, the Pundra University of Science & Technology shall establish the Pundra Institute of Languages (PIL) as one of its integral organs. The PIL shall function under the executive and academic authorities of the Syndicate and the Academic Council of this university.

Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of the Institute shall be-
(a) To offer courses on the major modern languages of the world to the undergraduate learners and graduates of this university and other universities of Bangladesh;
(b) To undertake appropriate language training programs specifically emphasizing on the listening and spoken aspects of a foreign language for all other intending candidates;
(c) To develop and conduct short and advanced courses of various duration on the following modern languages: (i) English, (ii) Arabic, (iii) Chinese, (iv) Japanese, (v) German, (vi) Korean, (vii) Malaysian, (viii) languages of SARRC and neighboring countries and (ix) other world languages to satisfy the national development requirements as approved by the Authority;
(d) To establish liaison between the teachers and learners of this university and the personnel of various NGOs for encouraging them to derive maximum benefit from the facilities available at the Institute;
(e) To maintain linkage with various Embassies and donor agencies for ensuring their active supports in the form of both financial and technological assistance;
(f) To conduct research on various aspects of foreign languages including their phonological, semantic and structural patterns, and studies on participatory approaches in language teaching, classroom dynamics and the like.
(g) To develop and conduct various short preparatory courses on IELTS, GRE and on other modern languages to meet the immediate requirement of specific groups of clienteles either for availing the opportunity of higher education and training abroad, or for having entry into the job markets as migrant workers.
(h) To develop and transmit a series of user-friendly language teaching programs on foreign languages for the out-of-class learners through the web-radio; and
(i) To perform such other functions as shall facilitate attainment of the objectives of the Institute with the approval of the Academic Council and the Syndicate.

Governing Body
(a) The management of the Institute shall be vested in a Governing Body consisting of the following members:
i. Vice-Chancellor, PUB, Chairman
ii. One representative of the Board of Trustees (BOT) to be nominated by it, Member
iii. Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, PUB, Member
iv. Head, Department of English, PUB, Member
v. One professor of PUB to be nominated by its Academic Council, Member
vi. Director of the Institute of Languages, DU or his representative, Member
vii. Director of the Institute of Languages, BRAC University or his representative, Member
viii. One Language Expert to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, PUB, Member
ix. Registrar, PUB, Member
x. Director, Pundra Institute of Languages ,Member Secretary

(b) One-half of the members including the Chairman shall form the quorum for the meeting of the Governing Body;
(c) The term of office of the nominated members of the Governing Body shall ordinarily be for two years or till their successors be nominated.

Powers of the Governing Body
The governing body shall have the following powers-
i. to frame the rules and regulations relating to courses and syllabi of various programs including their duration, course modulations, course fees, examination/evaluation and form of certificates, and all other related academic matters which will be processed through the Academic Council to the Syndicate and the Board of Trustees of this University;
ii. to consider and recommend the annual budget of the Institute to the Finance Committee of PUB;
iii. to frame such rules and regulations as may be considered necessary for proper organization and administration of the Institute subject to the approval of the Syndicate and the BOT;
iv. to recommend to the university authorities to receive and accept any and all grants, donations, funds, bequests and awards from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh or any other national or international agencies or individuals and to use such fund for the benefit of the Institute; and
v. to consider and recommend the annual programs of the Institute as well as its annual performance reports with necessary suggestions thereon.

(a) Appointment of Salaried Director and other Instructors of the Institute shall be made on the recommendation of the Appointment Committee to be constituted following the provisions by the Private University Act, 2010 (Act No. 35 of 2010);
(b) Other staff of the Institute shall be appointed following the existing appointment rules of the University.

Any point not covered by the provisions of the regulations shall be decided by the Syndicate and the decision of the Syndicate shall be final in respect of interpretation of any provisions of this Regulation.

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