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Pundra Institute of Research and Development (PIRD)

The globalization of the economy has led to the emergence of a distributed knowledge production system that calls for enhancing the ability of a university to cope with the challenges of modern world to respond properly to the expectations of its surrounding society. As the pioneering private university in the northern part of Bangladesh, the vision of the Pundra University of Science & Technology is of pro-active university which believes in learning for life and developing a community fully engaged in the search, creation and dissemination of knowledge. Thus it tends to be linked with the mainstream of our national research and development (R&D).

Establishment and Function
In order to attain the visionary targets of the university as stated above, the Pundra University of Science & Technology shall establish the Pundra Institute of Research and Development (PIRD) as its integral part. The PIRD shall function under the executive and academic authorities of the Syndicate and the Academic Council of the university.

Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of this Institute shall be-
a) to conduct high quality research work in all branches of science and technology for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge;
b) to get engaged in a wide variety of activities like basic research, applied clinical research, collaborative research, multi-disciplinary research, action research and to formulate, organize, frame, coordinate and execute all such research scheme;
c) to play a more explicit and active part in the economic and social development at local, regional and national levels by facilitating two-way flow of information between the innovators of technologies and their end-users;
d) to maintain linkage with various universities and research institutes, NGOs and Civil Societies, national and international donor agencies;
e) to arrange for monitoring and evaluation of research project and development programs;
f) to organize symposia, conferences, seminars and workshops on various aspects of applied sciences and social sciences;
g) to publish peer-reviewed journals, bulletins, research reports and other information materials of both fundamental and applied nature and to create necessary facilities for this purpose;
h) to plan, develop, run and maintain centrally the facilities and arrangements needed for promotion of research development such as, Central Laboratory, Technology Transfer Center, Development and Training Cell etc.; and
i) to perform such other activities as shall facilitate furtherance of the objectives of PIRD and the missions of this university.

Governing Body
a) The management of the Institute shall be vested in a Governing Body constituted as under:
i. Vice-Chancellor, PUB : Chairman
ii. Pro-Vice-Chancellor, PUB : Member
iii. Two Deans of the Faculties of PUB (to be rotated on the basis of seniority) : Members
iv. Two Representatives from the BOT to be nominated by it : Members
v. Two Representatives, one each from FBCCI, Dhaka and Bogra CCI to be nominated by the respective Chamber-Heads : Members
vi. One Representative from TMSS (not below the rank of Director) to be nominated by ED, TMSS : Member
vii. Two Expert Members from other universities/research institutes to be nominated by Vice-Chancellor, PUB : Members
viii. One Member from amongst the Media Personalities to be nominated by Vice-Chancellor, PUB : Member
ix. One Member from the amongst the ICT Specialists to be nominated by Vice-Chancellor, PUB : Member
x. Director, PIRD, PUB : Member-Secretary

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